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We are wedding and portrait photographers based in Conyers, GA.  Before the arrival of our first son Giovanni, we were blessed with the opportunity to travel to many corners of the world that we never expected to experience.  These days we are a little more stationary (not for long we hope!).  While most of our photography work is in Metro Atlanta, we travel for weddings and ministry projects.  We have shot weddings in beautiful places such as San Francisco, New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico, and Amish Country.  In the last few years, we have done documentary projects for Fount of Mercy in Uganda, and Hopegivers International in India.

We love to capture the beauty of everyday life.  We hope you enjoy what you see on this blog and on our website.  Feel free to contact us if you think we could work together.

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  1. linda Milligan Aug 28th 2010

    Rebecca..I want that picture that you took of me wiping Martha’s tears away at Martha’s wedding. I dont have it…and it really was a tender moment between us. I just love her so very much.
    let me know,,,linda milligan

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