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Davis Middle School Presents: Oklahoma!

I had the pleasure of seeing Davis Middle School put on the musical Oklahoma! last night.  It was so funny!  The kids really did a great job (and I’m sure Mrs. McGuckin helped too!)  This year they have two different casts putting on the performance, so I’m going again tonight to see the opening night of the other cast.

We have pictures of the whole performance from last night on our portrait website: (or click on “portraits” to your right).  After going to the site, click on the proofing tab on the top of the page.  The password is oklahoma.  As pictures from each performance become available, students and parents will be able view and purchase them on the website.

Curly telling Laurey about the surrey

Ado Annie just can't say no

Pharaoh's daughter's elixer

People will say we're in love

Judd Fry bids two bits

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